Aseel Dates

Sukkur Asil Dates are of prime quality. These dates are of reddish in color, larger in size, oval, nutritious and with plenty of meat. The length varies from 1” to 1.5”. These dates are grown in sukkur & Khairpur districts, and adjoining areas of the Sindh province. The Aseel Date variety is the most important commercial variety of Pakistan. Huge quantities of these Dates are exported to various countries. The harvesting period of these dates is from August 01 to August 31.

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Begum Jangi (BJ) Dates

Begum Jangi Dates resembles to Sukkur Aseel Dates but are grown in Turbet area of Balochistan province. Begum Jangi (BJ) variety of dates is unique in taste. These are a little bit smaller in size than Sukkur Asil Dates. Begum Jangi is one of the best quality dates having a delightful taste and texture. Length of these dates varies from 1” to 1.25”. These dates have a lower moisture level than Asil. The harvesting period is from August 15 to September 14.

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Khahrba Dates are grown in Panjgoor and Mushkay areas of the Balochistan province. These dates are of smaller in size and sweeter but have a lower moisture level. Maximum length of these dates are 0.75” to 1”. The harvesting periods from September 22 to October 31.

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Balochistan Rabbi Dates

Rabbi Dates are grown in Mashkail area of balochistan province, near the border if Iran. Balochistan Rabbi Dates are the most famous crop of Balochistan Dates. These dates are larger in size and have small moisture level. The delicious taste of this appetizing fruit is well-suited as a good food ingredient generally. Length of these dates is 1.25” to 1.5”. Harvesting period is from September 01 to September 30.

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