Delicious Serving

Our Services

We work closely with our customers to understand their food choices, preferences and taste buds in order to plan their menus and special requirements.

Our services include

separate Menus
managing snack
corporate events
cafeteria facilities

Executive Catering (Lal Khan)


Our core area of services are

Daily hot and cold meal production and delivery to customer sites according to pre-planned menus; this may include service delivery and management of their cafeteria as required.

Canteen services (Café Groove)


Our core area of services are

Creation and production of innovative and signature items + tea and coffee to supply to snack bars, offices, schools, colleges, hospitals etc. These canteen services are managed by Café Groove through which we also maintain their snack bars / tuck shops.

Man power Services


Our core area of services are

Providing man power services like waiters and food handlers at our customers’ site as required.