About Us

Chemco was established in 2004 as a local partner for multinational water treatment chemical manufacturers looking to service the highly industrialized market in Pakistan. Over the past 15 years, Chemco has evolved into a fully integrated turn-key solutions provider for critical water treatment process for our customer across the country. We have forged strong partnership with multinational manufacturers of speciality chemicals and consultants. Investing in our technical sales and service teams, we continue to train and transfer knowledge to our customers to create a transparent and long-term relationships. We have established our in-house production facility which allows us to produce a customized range of products for individual customers as well as ensuring that quality products are available on-demand.

Chemco Chemical applications for the Cooling water treatment include:

1) Microbicides – Algaecides, Fungicides, Bactericides, and Herbicides
2) Corrosion Inhibitors For Chillers OPEN & CLOSED Systems
3) Scale Inhibitors For Chillers Open Circuit
4) Dispersants For Chillers Recirculating Circuit.
5) Antifoams For Open Circuit.

Chemco Chemical applications for the BWT:

6) Boiler Treatment Chemicals – Oxygen scavengers, Internal, and condensate treatment.
7) Organic polymers
8) Clarification Polymers
9) Reverse osmosis Anti-Scalant

Our Clients