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Chemco IWT takes a holistic approach to cost management by offering our business partners water treatment programs that minimize energy consumption and maximize equipment service life all while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Chemco IWT provides complete solutions that standardize processes for managing your water treatment programs.

Chemco IWT is committed to delivering a more human and sustainable business process. Our business partners and colleagues trust us to act ethically, responsibly and to meet the highest standards when it comes to conducting business. We believe that our vision for corporate social responsibility will attract, engage and retain top talent; bolster continued business performance and conserve environmental resources for our company and our clients.

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Checmo Water Treatment

Chemco was established in 2004 as a local partner for multinational water treatment chemical manufacturers looking to service the highly industrialized market in Pakistan. Over the past 15 years, Chemco has evolved into a fully integrated turn-key solutions provider for critical water treatment process for our customer across the country. We have forged strong partnership with multinational manufacturers of speciality chemicals and consultants. Investing in our technical sales and service teams, we continue to train and transfer knowledge to our customers to create a transparent and long-term relationships. We have established our in-house production facility which allows us to produce a customized range of products for individual customers as well as ensuring that quality products are available on-demand.

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Our Services

Chemco has been providing top quality water treatment products and the best technical services through qualified chemists and technicians to all its customers.

Our aim is to give our customer the highest level of services and the best technical back-up in the industry. Our commitment to customer’s satisfaction can be judged from our extensive after sales service which ranges from setting up the water testing laboratory at the site where our service engineer visit and test the treated water and train staff for testing and providing guidance in regulating proper dosages of water treatment chemicals.

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Chemco Chemical applications for the Cooling water treatment include:

1) Microbicides – Algaecides, Fungicides, Bactericides, and Herbicides 2) Corrosion Inhibitors For Chillers OPEN & CLOSED Systems 3) Scale Inhibitors For Chillers Open Circuit 4) Dispersants For Chillers Recirculating Circuit. 5) Antifoams For Open Circuit.

Chemco Chemical applications for the BWT:

6) Boiler Treatment Chemicals – Oxygen scavengers, Internal, and condensate treatment. 7) Organic polymers 8) Clarification Polymers 9) Reverse osmosis Anti-Scalant

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